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Chase Filter Company (CFC) manufactures filters for all major industries including Aerospace and Defense, Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing, Automotive Manufacturing, Extraction, Specialty Gas, etc.   CFC is an outgrowth of The Fielding Company (circa 1968) which developed its roots in technical sales to the Federal Government as manufacturer’s representatives.  Established in 2006, CFC started with a single focus; to design, build, test and produce the safest and most reliable high-pressure oxygen filter. No other filter manufacturer up to that point had verified material compatibility issues, combined with robust promoted ignitions test, per ASTM G175, phase 2 as modified for filters. It was not until the safe conclusion of all testing for the entire Brass line of filters which was to prevent fires from breaching the filter body or the element, thus preventing molten slag from migrating downstream damaging critical components. After successful competition of that testing we went into production and sold our first filters to two different US Navy projects.  Fast forward to 2020, CFC is the undisputed leader in Oxygen filtration wile growing our portfolio to include Hydraulic and Pneumatic filters rated to 60,000 PSI, Coalescing Filters, Strainers and Valves and Off Line Filtration.

CFC has a deep understanding of the intricate business development process involved in dealing with multiple markets.  Our background in this expertise combined with the added manufacturing, product distribution and assembly continue to be the cornerstone of our growth and success. This web site only scratches the surface of our capabilities and products as we welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular questions or challenges.

As an Industry Leader in filtration, we are proud to offer the following:

• Complete line of Stainless Steel and Aluminum Filters
• An Array of ASTM-G175 Tested Oxygen Filters
• Manufacturer of Custom Filters and Elements
• Wide variety of Coalescing Filters
• Strainers and Valves ranging up to 48”
• Designing and Supplying the Next Generation of Filters for the leading Aerospace OEM’s
• Master's of Exotic Material Manufacturing


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