Filters for the Industrial Equipment Market

Filters for the Industrial Equipment Market

Chase Filters & Components has you covered no matter your industry and what you’re filtering. Is it water- or oil-based? Does it have a low or high viscosity? Are your machines working with hot or cold materials?

We take the time to understand your situation to gauge which filter solution will best support your requirements. Our team of experts is here to tackle your most challenging filtration issues with our custom engineering and market industrial equipment filter solutions.

Industrial Equipment Filter Applications

Like any piece of equipment, your industrial machines will require regular maintenance and repairs. But the right filtration system can help you prevent complete equipment breakdowns and contamination.

Imagine dirt, dust, chemicals, sand, pulp, shards of glass and other materials blocking crucial gears. This buildup can lead to excessive wear and tear than normal on the asset’s internal components. Thankfully, filtration solutions can remove contaminants to keep your machines running at optimal performance levels.

High-pressure filters remove solid particles from gases and liquids to purify your system. In almost every industrial application, filtration is crucial to make your equipment run more efficiently and keep your products clean and contaminant-free. With custom industrial equipment market filters, you can tailor the solution to your machine’s precise requirements.

Our filters and complete filtration systems support a range of industries, such as:

  • Baking
  • Chemical processing
  • Dairy
  • Glassmaking
  • Meat and poultry
  • Mobile equipment
  • Paper industry
  • Petroleum
  • Plastics
  • Semiconductor
  • Textile
  • Woodworking

Within each industrial application, filters fulfill various functions, from safety and equipment protection to purification and efficiency. Do you need to focus on one specific area or all four?

Isolate Necessary Particles

In some applications, you may need to separate specific elements like solids, gases, oils and water to maintain a functioning system. Think about water filtration or oil drilling. Both elements need to be free from chemicals and sand, respectively, along with dozens of other particles that can infiltrate the primary source.

Keep Your Operations Efficient

Filters support a range of industrial applications that rely on efficient processes from beginning to end. The more proficient your operations, the better your bottom line. When you have efficient equipment running with clean components, you can get more done without worrying about breakdowns.

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

Applications with strict health and safety regulations rely on filtration systems to prevent cross-contamination and health hazards. They also support workplace safety and environmental standards while helping you comply with governmental and agency guidelines.

Protect Your Equipment

Damaging particles can quickly cause complex issues to arise in your industrial manufacturing equipment. Depending on the situation, some particles can cause malfunctions or erode metal, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements. However, standard or custom filters can protect your machines and prevent complete system failures.

Purify Different Elements

Filtration systems eliminate sand, carbon, sediment and other suspended materials from elements that require purification. Water, pharmaceuticals and chemicals are a few examples that need to be pure and contaminant-free.

Filters support an endless number of industries and explicit applications within each, whether you’re looking to prevent equipment breakdowns and maintain a safe work zone or create purified elements and boost operational efficiencies.

Chase Filters & Components Industrial Equipment Filters

Chase Filters & Components Industrial Equipment Filters

Chase Filters & Components offers high-pressure filters for the following:

We deliver standard and customizable filters and services to industrial equipment operations, such as:

  • Convenient reordering: We keep your customized files and plans on hand when you need to reorder in the future.
  • Short-run orders: Our team offers flexible production capacities to support your short-run orders when a limited supply is all you need.
  • Specialty machining: Chase Filters & Components grants you access to specialty machining that can customize your solutions, making your order convenient and economical.

Several of our most popular filters include the 101121314151 and 52 series.

We have a complete line of aluminum and stainless steel filters, whether you need manufactured or custom elements and filters. Our filtration systems support applications stretching from aerospace, alternative fuel and aviation ground support to chemical processing, extraction, military equipment and power generation. We even work with companies in the industrial automation and robotics realms.

Custom Filters for Industrial Applications

It’s easy to order a standard solution for your machines — which works well for typical air and hydraulic models. But what about industrial equipment filters with nonstandard dimensions? Or what if your machines are older, with filters that are no longer on the market?

Custom filter creation is your best bet.

Customizing a filter or a complete system can improve equipment efficiency and performance ranks. By keeping your machines contaminant-free, a custom filtration solution will reduce maintenance costs, component failures and downtime.

Our team of designing, engineering and manufacturing experts takes on innovative and challenging projects to deliver the necessary solutions that keep your operations running smoothly.

Contact Chase Filters & Components for Industrial Filters

Contact Chase Filters & Components for Industrial Filters

Chase Filters & Components offers top-tier custom engineering and a range of air, oil, fuel and hydraulic filter solutions. Our high-pressure filters can protect the most critical components in your industrial equipment to prevent contamination failure. Even if you’re looking to purify a specific element, remain compliant with health and safety guidelines or skyrocket your operational efficiencies, we have the solutions you demand to minimize downtime, increase turnaround times and lessen repair and maintenance costs.

Reach out to a Chase Filters & Components representative for more information or browse our filtration solutions online. Our experts strive to meet and exceed your rigorous project requests while remaining within your budget.