Robotic Filters

Robotics Filters

Filters help robotic equipment and components in several industries receive proper filtration to ensure they maintain their performance. The robotics sector continues to develop and provide automated solutions to several other industries, and any robotic components and machinery need filters to function properly and ensure fluids are free of contaminants.

Since robotic filters are crucial to a robot’s proper functioning, you may want to be aware of the primary robotic filter applications and the main kinds of filters for different robot types. You might also be interested in learning more about some of the top robotic filters on the market today.

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Robotics Filter Applications

Robotics are used in several different industries, and as a result, they have various applications. To give you a sense of various applications they serve, check out some of the top robotics filter industries:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Metal and machinery
  • Plastic and chemicals products
  • Food and beverage
  • Health care
  • Aerospace
  • Media and entertainment
  • Logistics

With so many industries robotics and their filters can apply to, you can see how important it is that robots perform at their best. For example, many health care product manufacturers use robotics to automate their processes, manage production and offer better quality products. As the health care industry continues to rely on robotics for more purposes, high-quality filters are crucial as they ensure robotic components run smoothly and deliver needed results.

You can also find robotics filters playing a key role in the aerospace industry. Mobile robots are especially popular in the aerospace sector, with many companies using them to automate key tasks and reduce manual labor. Since safety is a top concern in this industry, filters are crucial, as poor performing filters can result in robotic components not performing appropriately or as safely as they should. A high-quality filter ensures your machinery runs as safely as possible.

Whatever the application or industry a robotic filter is serving, they are designed to prevent robotics from breaking down prematurely due to poorly filtered fluids, making robotic filters crucial to robotic components and machinery. 

Filters for Robot Types

Since robotics serve so many different applications they often require various kinds of filters to work appropriately. Filters for the robotics market are designed to serve several purposes to meet robotics’ varying uses. Here are some of the top filters for robot types:

  • Hydraulic filters: If you have robotics equipment that relies on hydraulic systems, hydraulic filters are a must-have. Robots with hydraulic systems need hydraulic filters to remove particulate contamination from their hydraulic lines. You can see hydraulic filters on robots in the automotive, metalworking, mining, medical and chemical processing industries.
  • Gas and oil in-line filters: Many pieces of heavy equipment and machinery with robotic systems require gas and oil filters to ensure they perform optimally. Gas and oil in-line filters keep damaging particles out of robotic equipment’s gas and oil streams, ensuring they stay free of impurities. You can find organizations using these filters on robotic components in the power generation, power units, industrial automation and industrial equipment industries, among others.
  • High-pressure filters: When the robotics’ system needs to run at high pressures, a high-pressure filter is the right choice. Many robots serving aerospace, mining, power generation, extraction or aviation ground support applications all rely on high-pressure filters to handle tough jobs. These high-pressure filters also reduce contaminations in a robot’s fuel system and purify gas,

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Chase Filter’s Robotic Filters

At Chase Filters & Components, we offer several industrial robotics filters to keep your machinery free from harmful contaminants. We designed our robotics filters with various micron and PSI ratings to ensure they can handle multiple types of jobs. Since we have so many filters to select from, we are confident we have an option perfect for your requirements.

If you are interested in finding the right robotic filters for your needs, review some of our primary robotic filters:

21 series for robotics filters
  • 21 Series: When you need filters for robots in commercial industries, the 21 Series Mini In-Line Filters are some of the best. These industrial oil and gas filters provide your robotics with excellent filtration and are available in a wide range of micron ratings to help you no matter the application. The 21 Series comes with several intricate features to improve its filtration power, such as high PSI options, compatibility with temperatures ranging from minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and fast delivery in many different end connections.
  • 31 Series: Robots working in industrial or manufacturing settings often rely on the  31 Series In-Line Filters to eliminate impurities like rust, oil, dirt and scale. They are available with several different micron ratings and can go up to 6,000 PSI.
  • 41 Series: Our 41 Series Mini Tee-Type Filters are high-pressure filters designed to assist robotics in industrial work, such as those involved in ensuring heavy equipment works properly. These high-pressure filters eliminate rust, dirt, scale and other contaminants in your fuel system. They can operate up to 10,000 PSI and come in several micron ratings.
  • 51 Series: Our 51 Series T-Type Filters are hydraulic and gas filters designed to assist robots working in the industrial, manufacturing and commercial industries. They remove contaminants like dirt, scale and rust to keep your fluids safe from harmful particles. They can handle pressures up to 6,000 PSI and have several micron rating options.
  • 52 Series: When you require high-pressure filters for robotics assisting with industrial equipment, our 52 Series T-Type Filters are some of the best. They are designed to remove harmful contaminants, metal fragments, sludges, silica sand, and elastomer contamination. These T-Type filters handle flows up to 24 GPM and can keep systems running efficiently even at 20,000 PSI.
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With all of our filters for the robotics industry, you can find a filter made for your filtration needs. We offer several stainless steel filters with corrosion resistance, impressive versatility, high-temperature compatibilities and broad pressure ranges. By outfitting your robotics with our filters, you protect your components from contamination failure, potentially saving you repair or replacement costs and time spent on downtime or maintenance. Our expert engineering team can even offer custom filter options to craft you a filtration solution designed for your unique needs.

Browse our selection of filtration products today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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