Custom Filters

Custom Filters for Industrial and Commercial Use

According to the insurance company FM Global, equipment breakdowns account for one-third of all large-risk losses on commercial and industrial applications. Many of the equipment breakdowns occur because of contaminant buildup that leads to excessive wear and tear on internal components. Because of that, filtration systems, and especially custom filtration systems, are essential for removing contaminants and keeping expensive equipment functional and operational. 

Custom Industrial and Commercial Filters 

Custom industrial and commercial filters are indispensable in so many industries. It’s easy to order a standard filter offering, and sometimes a tried-and-true model is all you need to keep your systems, both air and hydraulic, functioning as they should. 

However, in some cases — in systems with nonstandard dimensions, or with older systems whose dedicated filters are no longer in stock — you’ll want to turn to a custom option. Investing in a custom water filter, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, hydraulic filter, or a complete integrated custom filtration system can boost your systems’ efficiency and performance. It provides the right tools to keep your equipment functioning properly, contaminant-free, reducing component failure, maintenance expense, and downtime.

Create a Custom Filter 

If an off-the-shelf filter doesn’t meet your needs, you have options. Working with a professional filter company like Chase Filters, it enables you to obtain custom filters that match your equipment’s unique specifications. 

Chase Filters is a professional filter company with customization capabilities that specializes in challenging, innovative projects that many other businesses would be unable to take on. We have a team in place with years of experience working to design, engineer, and manufacture filters for your businesses’ contaminant-reduction needs. 

Custom filter design comes with various ancillary benefits beyond meeting unique situational requirements:

  • Convenient reordering: When you have a custom filter developed, Chase Filters retains the files and plans, so your products will remain readily available for subsequent orders. 
  • Specialty machining: With custom filters, you also gain access to specialty machining. Say you need custom-machined end caps, for example, Chase Filters has the machining capabilities that make specialty machining of these components convenient and economical. 
  • Short-run orders: Many manufacturing facilities will produce orders only of a certain size to maximize their profits, but Chase Filters has the flexible production capacity to accommodate short-run orders if you need only a limited supply. 

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Custom Air Filters

Businesses that require custom air filters often need them to match unusual shapes or dimensions in their equipment. These filters will fit precisely into a particular system to keep the air in a commercial facility or industrial space free from harmful contaminants. 

Some facilities may have systems with hard-to-fit dimensions, or they may have older systems whose filters have been discontinued, and they need to find new filters that fit correctly into the existing equipment. Custom filter manufacturing can generally produce air filters with almost any dimensions to ensure a reliable match. 

When you begin custom development, the first step will be to measure your air system’s dimensions. Chase Filters will then be able to design and manufacture the filters to the necessary specifications. You may opt for custom fiberglass, microfiber glass, stainless steel, metal felt, or cellulose filters, or you may want to invest in premium electrostatic filters that offer exceptional efficiency and performance. 

Custom Fuel Filters

custom fuel filters

Custom fuel filters are often valuable in industries like heavy construction, agriculture, aerospace and commercial transportation. They help prevent pump and injector wear and deliver clean fuel to an engine to keep it running smoothly. 

Many fuel filters feature specialized, heavy-duty components to enhance their performance — components like baffle plates, can housings, liners, seams, and springs. When you work with us to develop custom fuel filters, you can specify the layout and design of these elements to ensure your filters remove contaminants from your particular fuel most effectively. 

In developing custom fuel filters, you’ll likely be able to choose from among many of the filter styles available for different engines — water separators, spin-ons, and metal or metal-free cartridges. Fuel filters tend to vary in size with their location in the fuel system, so you can choose the dimensions that best fit your system’s requirements. You can also select from various media options, including basic cellulose, treated cellulose, or cellulose with a synthetic component for superior fuel filtration performance. 

Custom fuel filters are especially critical in applications like diesel fuel conditioning. Diesel engines require exceptionally clean fuel for their sophisticated injectors and stratospherically high injector pressures. Custom filters are often necessary to remove particles at the highest level of efficiency and function in extreme conditions.  Whether it be extreme temperatures or pressure ranges, Chase Filters can customize your requirements and provide solutions.

Custom Oil Filters

Hydraulic power, also called Fluid Power, is the power that is transmitted by the controlled circulation of pressurized fluid, usually a water-soluble oil or water-glycol mixture, to a motor that converts it into a mechanical output capable of doing work on a load. Hydraulic power systems have much greater flexibility than mechanical and electrical power systems and can produce more power than those systems of equal size. They also provide rapid and accurate responses to controls and as a result, hydraulic power systems are extensively used in modern aircraft, automobiles, heavy industrial machinery, and many kinds of machine tools.

Custom oil filters are often necessary for many of the same industries that require custom fuel filters plus any operation that requires test stands, power units, or conveyors. They are also useful in an extensive array of applications for components that require oil:

  • Air injection systems.
  • Cooling systems.
  • Fuel systems.
  • Gauges.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Lubricant systems.
  • Potable water systems.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Spray nozzles.
  • Test stands.
  • Transducers.
  • Vacuum inlets.
  • Valve subplates.

Just as a fuel filter reduces impurity levels in engine fuel, an oil filter reduces impurity levels in the engine oil and hydraulic systems. A custom oil filter provides options for fitting an oil filter into different systems ensuring effective contaminant removal.

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Industries We Serve

Chase Filters creates custom filters for all of the following industries: 

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To gain the benefits of custom air, fuel, oil, or hydraulic filters, partner with Chase Filter Company. We offer various high-pressure filters for purchase, and we are also happy to customize filters to match your system requirements. 

We offer quick, quality custom engineering, so your business will have the filters it needs to protect essential components from contamination failure. With the high performance possible with precisely tailored filters, you can reduce downtime, boost turnaround and customer satisfaction, lower maintenance needs, and minimize the cost of repairing or replacing components. 

Our knowledgeable, friendly customer service staff can answer questions and get you the solutions you need to remain productive.

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