Automotive Filters

Automotive Filters
The automotive industry relies on various equipment, tools and machinery that need fluids or gases to work appropriately. Since contaminants can make their way into equipment through these gases and fluids, automotive industrial filters are critical. At Chase Filters & Components, we assist our many customers in the automotive industry by providing them with high-quality filters designed for various equipment and machinery.

If you’re in the automotive industry, learn more about the many automobile filters we offer and some of their primary applications.

Our Filters Used in the Automotive Industry

At Chase Filter Company, we provide several kinds of automotive industrial filters to our customers in the automotive industry. Due to our wide array of filters, you can likely find an option fitting your precise needs. As you look for the right solution, review our selection of automobile filters below.

  • 11 Series: The 11 Series Spin-On Filter excels at removing particulates like dirt, metal shavings, iron, sand, sediments, silt and fibers. It also has 250 PSI maximum operating pressure, a high-performance Micro Glass Element and dual-purpose elements that remove water and particulates.
  • 21 Series: The 21 Series Mini In-Line Filter is ideal for automotive applications with only a limited amount of space. These filters excel at purifying fluid or gas, preventing contaminants from making their way into a system. You can also select body options featuring 3,000 or 6,000 PSI operating pressures, and flows up to three gallons per minute.
  • 22 Series: With flows up to 2.5 GPM and an operating pressure of 6,000 PSI, the 22 Series Mini In-Line Filter is another excellent choice. These filters have micron rating options ranging from 2 to 300 microns. You can expect this filter to remove particulates, such as scale, rust and dirt, before they reach your fluid system.
  • 23 Series: When you need automotive filters designed for limited spaces, the 23 Series Mini In-Line Filter is one of the best options. These filters offer flows up to five GPM and feature micron ratings ranging from 2 to 300 microns.
  • 31 Series: The 31 Series In-Line Filter can effectively handle industrial equipment’s oil and gas streams, removing particles from them. This filter has stainless steel housing, a maximum PSI of 6,000 and flows up to 40 GPM.
  • 41 Series: The 41 Series Mini Tee-Type Filter can handle pressures up to 10,000 PSI and flows up to 1.5 GPM. These T-Type filters effectively remove contaminants like  solids, fibers, sediments, silt, dirt, and metal fragments.
  • 51 Series: Another popular automotive filter is the 51 Series T-Type Filter. This filter has flows up to 50 GPM and a maximum operating PSI of 6,000. You can also expect these filters to effectively remove contaminants like dirt, scale and rust.

Applications of Our Filters in the Automotive Industry

Applications of our filters in the automotive industry

Many companies in the automotive industry employ our automobile filters for a wide range of applications. For example, companies regularly use our 11 Series, 21 Series and 51 Series in test cells. Find out more about the top applications for our filters in the automotive industry below.

  • Engine manufacturing: Since many automotive engines need compact filtration systems, many automotive companies rely on our smaller filters, such as the 21 Series, to ensure they have the space for other essential parts. Many automotive companies are also switching from internal combustion engines to electronic-based engines, making filters that can filter gas and air efficiently much more crucial. We offer several filters designed just for this purpose. Our high-temperature filtration systems also work well with engines requiring filtration for exhaust recirculation gases.
  • Cooling fluid filtration: Automotive companies regularly use boring and reaming machines in their manufacturing processes. Since debris and particles in cooling fluid can harm these machines’ operations, cooling fluid filtration is essential. Many companies use our filters to remove harmful contaminants, such as tiny metal particles, to keep reaming and boring equipment running at their best.
  • Oil mist elimination: Machine tools can put out dangerous oil mist on a manufacturing floor, leading to health and safety concerns. Due to these health issues, companies rely on our filters in their oil mist filtration systems to remove dangerous particulates from the air before they can affect staff members.
  • Pre-phosphate washing: Inadequate bag filtration systems can cause blemishes and paint defects on cars during vehicle production. Automotive manufacturers use our automotive filters to remove large particles, like slag, grinding fines and weld balls during the pre-phosphate washing process. As a result, they receive blemish- and defect-free finished vehicles.

Suppliers of the Automotive Industry We Work With

Besides directly assisting the automotive industry, we also serve its suppliers. For example, we regularly work with sealant, robotics, plastics and stamping suppliers, providing them with high-quality filters. All these suppliers can use our 11, 21, 22, 23, 31, 41 and 51 Series filters to remove dangerous particulates and contaminants.

Learn more about the suppliers we work with below.

  • Plastics: Many automotive parts and equipment require plastic parts, with plastics becoming more popular as an engineering application for the automotive industry. As plastic suppliers manufacture plastic parts, filters are essential to ensuring they deliver high-quality parts to automotive manufacturers. Our filters excel at removing harmful contaminants from various equipment and systems, helping plastics companies offer exceptional products.
  • Stamping: Metal stamping companies regularly work with the automotive industry, turning sheet metal into essential parts, such as door panels, hoods and fenders. Metal stamping equipment uses fluid to work properly, which must be as clean as possible, even in the most stressful applications. Our filters make the stamping process safer and more reliable by protecting sensitive components from dangerous particles.
  • Robotics: As more companies turn to automated equipment and machinery for their automotive manufacturing needs, robotics companies are in higher demand. Robotic companies need filters to perform effectively, as contaminants can affect their performance, resulting in inefficiencies and defects. We regularly provide robotics companies with hydraulic, gas and oil in-line and high-pressure filters to ensure robotic equipment delivers highly accurate and efficient results.  We are also experts at filtering high viscosity sealants that are being applied to vehicles by robots.
  • Sealant: Sealant paint and coatings are crucial to a vehicle’s final appearance and its looks for years to come. When sealant has contaminants and other particulates in it, a vehicle’s paint is more likely to have defects and break down faster. We help companies in the sealant sector by providing them with filters, such as our 11 Series Spin-On Filters, designed to keep sealant equipment clean and contaminant-free.

Choose Chase Filters & Components for Your Automotive Filter Needs

Choose Chase Filters for Your Automotive Filters

With all the automotive industrial filters we offer, you might be interested in investing in our products for your filtration systems’ needs. Alongside our many standard product offerings, we can work with you to design custom filters perfectly for your requirements. When you turn to us, you can expect fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service.

Review our selection of filters today. If you have any questions or need filtration advice, please free to contact us.