11 Series Spin-On Filters: 200 PSI and flows up to 70 GPM

Product Features

  • Flows up to 70 GPM (Return) 25 GPM (Suction)
  • 200 PSI Max. Operating
  • Up to +250° F. Operating
  • Petroleum based fluids only.

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11 Series Spin-On Filters

Industrial spin-on filters are the unsung heroes of the industry. These filters remove impurities from petroleum-based fluids.  When it comes to your hydraulic equipment and to ensure that your hydraulic fluids are clean and unimpeded by contaminates, spin-on filters are used to make sure your equipment will continue to operate without complications.

Some of the common contaminants that can attack your components and system are oxidation, silica sand, sludges, solids, metal fragments, fibers from wood, cardboard, paper, rags, and elastomer contaminates from o-rings and seals.

It is an established fact that particulate contamination and water in hydraulic fluids can have serious adverse effects on the fluids’ physical and chemical properties. The loss of crucial fluid properties, which are central to useful service life, can result in inefficient system performance and accelerated mechanical and chemical wear processes.  This leads to increased downtime and expense.

Industrial Filters

Our 11 Series spin-on filters have all the features you need to preserve the quality of your systems. These hearty industrial filters allow the hydraulic fluid to be filtered while blocking the entry of harmful contaminants that can impact your system’s performance. With a 250 PSI maximum operating pressure and flow rates of up to 70 GPM, the 11 Series is equipped with the features you need for the best filtration.

The 11 Series water filter can remove the following particulates:

  • Fibers
  • Sand
  • Iron
  • Sediments
  • Dirt
  • Silt
  • Metal shavings

Product Features

Our 11 Series low-pressure filters come with a variety of product features, including:

  • High-performance Micro Glass Element
  • Dual-purpose elements that remove particulates and water
  • Temperature range of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Flows up to 70 GPM (return) and 25 GPM (suction).
  • 250 PSI max operating pressure.
  • Port sizes from 1 to 1½ – NPT
  • Bypass options from NON-bypass to 50 – PSID.
  • Gages for differential pressure reading

11 Series Hydraulic Filters for Industrial Applications

At Chase Filters and Components, we sell a wide range of filters for industrial applications, including the 11 Series spin-on filter. These industrial filters serve dozens of uses across a variety of markets:

Benefits of Industrial Filters

When you purchase an industrial filter like the 11 Series, you reap a wide range of benefits for your facility. Eliminating contaminants from your hydraulic fluid(s) helps extend your industrial equipment’s lifespan, reduce maintenance and repair costs. Spin-on filters help businesses save money, maintain productivity, and ensure system efficiency for their industries.

Buy from a Trusted Filter Manufacturer in the USA

If you’re looking to purchase products from one of the most respected filter manufacturers in the U.S., choose Chase Filters and Components. We have filters to suit all your industrial applications, as well as a wide variety of other high-pressure filters that can accommodate oil, oxygen, fuel, gas, and more. We value high-quality products, efficiency, and excellent customer service, and we strive to incorporate those values in everything we do.

With over three decades in the business, Chase Filters and Components is here to provide you with the best American-made filtration components on the market. Feel free to contact us for more information on our products or to request assistance with choosing a filter.

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