Chemical Processing Filters

Chemical Processing Filters

Chemical processing operations are susceptible to contamination level and feed quality standards. Other challenges include the nature of the products that are being processed and the harsh operating environments where production occurs. Filtration is an essential component for chemical processing because the end product must meet precise specifications.

The chemicals and polymers produced during these processes are used in many of the goods that we interact with daily, so they must be free of contaminants. Quality control is vital, as is maintaining operating costs and further improving the end product. The proper application of suitable filters reduces risks that may otherwise occur.

Filters for Chemical Processing

At Chase Filters & Components, we carry several chemical processing industrial filters that meet your industry’s contaminant removal and quality control requirements.

11 Series

Our 11 Series spin-on filters help remove contaminants from petroleum-based fluids. Common contaminants include sludges, wood fibers, and elastomers that can change your hydraulic fluid’s physical and chemical properties. These spin-on filters operate at flow rates up to 70 GPM and a maximum psi of 250, enabling you to get the best filtration results.

21 Series

The mini In-line 21 Series is used for oil and gas filtering applications. This filter is suitable for valves, spray nozzles, flow meters, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems. To keep impure fluid or gas from reaching the vital parts of your system, an in-line filter like the 21 Series is essential.

31 Series

The 31 Series in-line filter helps keep fluid clean, reducing maintenance and expanding the lifespan of industrial equipment. These high-pressure filters are perfect for eliminating impurities in industrial equipment’s gas and oil streams. The 31 Series can handle up to 6,000 psi, flows to 40 – GPM and is manufactured from stainless steel for superior compatibility.

41 Series

Our 41 series is available in 316 and 17-4PH stainless steel and provides an effective solution for removing fluid contamination. The mini T-type filter helps prevent contaminants or particulate debris from fouling gas plant equipment. These filters are rated for up to 10,000 psi and are necessary for maintaining fluid purity. The 41 series keeps machines operating efficiently.

51 Series

The 51 Series T-type hydraulic filter removes contaminants from fluid under high pressure. Contaminants, such as scale, dirt and rust, are filtered out of the fluid stream to prevent these particles from damaging your industrial equipment.  A wide range of port sizes increases your ability to customize these filters for chemical processing based on your applications.

51 Series Elements

Our 51 Series filter is designed to meet your facility’s specific contaminant removal needs. We offer it in various materials, such as micro-glass, fiber metal felt, and stainless steel.

52 Series

For the applications that are 10,000 to 20,000 PSI.  Chase offers our 303, 316 or 17-4 PH Stainless Housings.  This series can handle flows to 24 GPM and 1200 – SCFM.  Ports are available in NPT, along with medium and high pressure.  Our 52 Series is designed to meet your facility’s specific contaminant removal needs. We offer elements in various materials, such as micro-glass, fiber metal felt, and stainless steel

56 Series

When you need a robust high-pressure filter you can turn to the Chase Filter 56 Series. The 17-4 PH housing is rated at 60,000 – PSI operating pressure, with a proof pressure of 90,000 – PSI.  It has no elastomers with maximum compatibility.  Porting options are ¼ and 3/8 inch high-pressure ports.   We offer elements in various materials, such as micro-glass, fiber metal felt, and stainless steel

57 Series

The 57 Series is available in aluminum and stainless-steel housings. These high-pressure coalescing filters are designed to separate liquids from gasses and remove water, oils and other fluids from your industrial systems.

Chemical Processing Filters Applications

Chemical Processing Filters Applications

Effective products are indicative of smooth, precise processes in the chemical industry. These processes, in turn, create a profitable organization. Filters purchased from Chase Filters & Components produce exceptional results when separating and processing substances. A customer’s success lies in the safety, stability and environmental capabilities that chemical processing industrial filters from Chase Filters & Components create.

Cooling and Process Water

The chemical industry relies heavily on water. In many chemical processes, water is used as an ingredient, a washing medium, and a coolant. There are various applications within this segment, including the cleaning of wastewater to meet legal requirements and filtering supplies of water that may have been contaminated by environmental issues or occurrences.

Powder Processing

When processing powders, the precise separation of materials from the end product is essential for ensuring safe, high-quality powders. This decontamination measure is as equally important as removing dust particles through clean filtering.


Dedusting is a process in which granules are cleaned using a pneumatic separation system. This application includes the removal of light impurities and filtering dust from reprocessed materials. Dedusting takes place to remove these fine particles from the production process and helps to increase production efficiency. This process also improves the material’s quality.

Manufacturing and Processing of Liquids, Pastes and Similar Substances

Filter systems that are robust, self-cleaning and containing no consumables are perfect for facilities in the chemical processing industry. These filters help prevent contamination issues and reduce the need for manual intervention during the production process. Employee health and plant efficiency are vital. That importance is the main reason many chemical processing facilities employ these industrial filters.

Hot Gas Filtration

In specific industrial applications where gases have to be dedusted at temperatures upwards of 260 degrees Celsius, facilities can use hot gas filtration to remove dust and impurities. This type of filtration system helps prevent sublimation and condensation, reducing heavy wear and tear on your machinery.

Lab Equipment

Laboratory filtration is a critical technique used to obtain accurate and precise results. It is the process by which solids are separated from fluids using a medium that only fluids can pass through.

Custom Filters for Chemical Processing

Not all applications are created equal. If your operations are more complex, your chemical processing procedures may require specific contaminant filtering solutions. Each application is different, even if processes appear similar. Chase Filters & Components offers our filtration expertise to ensure your facility runs smoothly and efficiently.

While a standard offering may fit most specifications, there are instances where sizing may become an issue or you’re using an older system. In this case, choosing a custom option may be the best route to take. Custom chemical processing filters can improve performance and help you lower production costs. At Chase Filters & Components, we can produce custom filters and have capabilities for convenient reordering, specialty machining and accommodating short-run orders.

Contact Chase Filters & Components for Chemical Processing Filters

Contact Chase Filters for Chemical Processing Filters

Chase Filters & Components have the right chemical processing filters for your application. When you choose our filters, you also benefit from over 30 years of experience in manufacturing American-made filtration components.

Our filters will eliminate contaminants from your fluid, reduce maintenance requirements, and extend your equipment‘s lifespan. Additionally, our filters can save you money, maintain production levels and ensure system efficiency. We have options to suit all your industrial applications, as well as a wide variety of other high-pressure filters that can accommodate oil, oxygen, fuel and more substances.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality products, efficiency and excellent customer service. Feel free to contact us for more information on our products or request assistance with choosing a filter.