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OXYCHECK oxygen system components are made entirely from materials that are non-flammable in oxygen at pressures equal to or greater than the maximum allowable working pressure. This essentially removes the Fuel Leg of the Fire Triangle and greatly reduces both the risk of a fire occurring and the consequences of an unanticipated ignition. This rigorous engineering process results in oxygen system components with an unprecedented level of fire safety.


Product Features

Oxycheck Valves

In order for a fire to occur, all three legs of what’s called the “fire triangle” must be present: an ignition source, fuel and oxygen. In most cases, it is practically impossible to completely remove these three components from a system — especially within oxygen systems containing many flammable substances that can act as ignition sources, such as contaminant particles, seal materials, lubricants and compressed gas.

However, you can incorporate protective components made from non-flammable materials, such as OXYCHECK valves. With its many essential safety features, this oxygen filter component provides an extra element of security for commercial and industrial users. At Chase Filters and Components, we have the OXYCHECK components that will bring the highest value and protection to your oxygen systems.

Oxygen Filter Components

OXYCHECK oxygen system components are completely non-flammable in oxygen at pressures equal to or higher than peak permissible working pressures. These oxygen filter elements eliminate the fuel leg of the fire triangle, reducing the risk of fires as well as ignition consequences. The extensive and meticulous engineering process behind OXYCHECK valves supplies oxygen components with the utmost level of protection.

Additionally, OXYCHECK elements promote exceptional fire safety in pressurized and concentrated oxygen. These valves exhibit high-performance rates in corrosive, extreme and oxidizing environments, so you can be sure your systems are safe no matter the conditions.

Oxycheck Valve Features

When you purchase OXYCHECK products from Chase Filters and Components, you’ll receive a state-of-the-art valve designed with the ideal characteristics for fire suppression. With durable and fire-resistant elements and high-performance rates, OXYCHECK’s oxygen filter components rank above the rest.

Our oxygen filter elements come with a wide range of features, including:

  • Non-flammable metallic materials for the valve body, spring and sub-parts.
  • A non-flammable check element.
  • A non-flammable metallic seat.
  • Patent-pending flow control technology.
  • High-quality seals.

Industry Applications

OXYCHECK systems serve in a broad array of industries and applications. With high safety ratings and performance rates, these highly sought-after components ensure security and protection from fires in a wide range of commercial settings.


Safety is of optimal importance when it comes to aviation. OXYCHECK valves ensure that all passengers, crew and valuable aircraft assets are safe and out of harm’s way. These components are suitable for use in extreme temperatures and under dynamic conditions, making them excellent for a wide array of aviation applications, such as:

  • Crew support.
  • Ground support equipment.
  • Emergency response.
  • Removable and in-place systems.


OXYCHECK elements are popular in the medical field due to their strict cleanliness standards and lack of fluorinated materials. Affordable and safe, our oxygen filter components are useful in many life support applications, including:

  • Hospital systems.
  • Home health care.
  • SCUBA systems.
  • Emergency medical services.
  • Hyperbaric chambers.


Our cost-effective and dependable pressure relief valves suit a variety of industrial fields, lending themselves readily to:

  • Mining and energy systems.
  • High- and low-pressure systems.
  • Oxygen compressor valves.
  • Regulation systems.

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For oxygen filter elements of the highest safety standards, choose Chase Filters and Components. With over a decade of experience in high-pressure filtration systems including those for air, water, hydraulic fluid, gas and more, we have all of the filter options you need to get the job done. With an emphasis on quality and safety, our team of experienced design engineers is ready to assist you.

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