51 Series T-Type Filters: 6,000 PSI and flows up to 50 GPM – CRN Certified

Product Features

  • CRN Certified
  • Available in 5,000 & 6,000 PSI
  • 303, 316 & 17-4PH Stainless Steel & Aluminum
  • Various micro rating available
  • DP indicators and bowl drain options available

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51 Series T-Type Filters

In a time where industrial technology and applications are continually advancing, heavy, equipment is becoming more and more popular in commercial settings. Machines powered by hydraulics, gas or pneumatics require clean fluid in order to run safely and efficiently in the workplace, and they must adhere to industry purity and safety standards. With high-pressure filters, you can ensure that your fluid is free of contaminants and keep your industrial equipment running productively.

Your equipment is critical to your business. That is why it’s essential to buy a high-quality hydraulic filter from a trusted filter manufacturer. At Chase Filters and Components, we offer durable and efficient industrial hydraulic, gas and pneumatics filters to suit a wide array of markets and industries.

High-Pressure Filters

Our 51 Series t-type hydraulic filters are offered in 5,000 PSI Operating Aluminum or 6,000 PSI operating for stainless steel filters. The Chase 51 Series separates and removes harmful contaminants from your fluid to ensure that these systems are running at full efficiency. These high-pressure filters remove contaminants such as rust, scale, dirt, and more, keeping the fluid free of damaging particles.

T-Type filters such as the 51 Series serve well in a wide array of commercial, industrial and manufacturing industries. Markets for 51 Series T-Type filters include:

Hydraulic Filter Product Features

At Chase Filters and Components, our 51 Series t-type high-pressure filters come with a wide range of impressive product features. These qualities help this design achieve high levels of performance and functionality.

Our 51 Series filters include:

  • 303 or 316 stainless steel construction options.
  • Models rated for 5,000 and 6,000 PSI.
  • Bowl drain options and DP indicator availability.
  • A wide variety of micro ratings.
  • Cellulose, micro-glass 316 Fiber Metal Felt, 316 Sintered Metal and 304 stainless steel wire mesh element options.
  • A wide range of O-ring possibilities.

Benefits of Gas and Fuel Filters

High-pressure fuel filters like the 51 Series come with many benefits for your industrial equipment and the operations it powers. From purifying gas to preventing contamination, our t-type hydraulic filters will keep your systems clean and up to industry standards.

Fuel filters prevent pipeline dust and sand from infiltrating gas plants, minimize foaming in glycol or amine contractors, and prevent nozzle and reservoir plugging. These t-type components disinfect fuel before it gets burned in engines or heaters and can even lengthen the lifespan of pump impellers that are used in hot oil systems.

Buy Industrial Gas and Fuel Filters at Chase Filters and Components

For hydraulic fuel and gas filters you can trust, choose Chase Filters and Components. We have been providing industrial clients with high-pressure stainless steel filters for over a decade, and we value our reputation for excellent customer service, great quality, and fast turnaround. With our 99% efficiency guarantee, you can trust that our filtration systems have the high standards you deserve.

With Chase filters, you can protect components from contamination failure, save on downtime and minimize maintenance costs for your equipment. Browse our wide range of products today, or fill out a contact form for assistance or additional information.

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Cellulose Micro Glass  304 Stainless
Element Temp Range -60°F to +270°F -65°F to +325°F -65°F to +325°F

Nitrile (Buna) Viton Ethylene
Kalrez Teflon
Citon Core
O-Ring Temp Range -40°F to +250°F -20°F to +400°F -60°F to +550°F -40°F to +550°F 4°F to +550°F

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51 Series Optional Accessories

51E – 10GPM

51E - 10GPM

52E – 16GPM

52E - 16GPM

53E – 24GPM

53E - 24GPM

54E – 35GPM

54E - 35GPM

55E – 50GPM

55E - 50GPM

51 Series Ordering and Replacement Information

Chase Filters Beta 1,000, micro glass filter elements are engineered to provide maximum fluid cleanliness in the most demanding filtration applications.  Micro glass elements are more commonly found in multi-pass systems vs. single pass “process” applications where higher dirt holding capacities are key in supporting element life, overall system performance, and lower maintenance costs.

Chase Filter micro glass elements are constructed from multiple layers of pleated micro glass fiber media supported on the inlet and drainage sides with epoxy coated stainless steel support mesh.  The center tubes are constructed from corrosion resistant zinc plated carbon steel.  The end caps are stamped or machined from aluminum.  They are then clear anodized.  The epoxy utilized in our element construction is compatible with most hydraulic fluids, including phosphate esters with a maximum fluid temperature range of 275 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our glass fiber media conforms to ISO 4572 with a minimum Beta ratio of Bx=1,000 @ 1,3,6,12, and 25 micron.  This filter media construction provides for lower pressure drops, maximum dirt holding capacity, and particle capture efficiency.  Our element construction is available in collapse ratings of 300 or 3,250 PSID depending on your application parameters.

Chase can offer several up-grade options.  We offer an anti-static media design to combat static charges caused by fluid friction.  We offer an all-stainless hardware option.  We offer seals in Nitrile, EPR or Viton.

Applications for the Chase micro glass elements are widespread including:

  • Test Stands and Laboratories.
  • Offshore oil exploration
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Remote operated vehicles (ROV)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Hydraulic power supplies – hydraulic power units
  • Agricultural
  • Construction equipment.

ISO 4548-12 Filtration Efficiency and Retention Capacity 2nd. Ed. 2017

55E-3MCN, Micro Glass Element

Operating conditions for 51 series tee type filters


55E-3FMFN, Micro Fiber Metal Felt Element

55E-3FMFN, Micro Fiber Metal Felt Element