50 Series Tee-Type Filters: 6,000 PSI with a Cv of 3

50 series filters

Product Details

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CFC 50 Series is a high pressure Tee-Type design that allows for the easy removal of the element for replacing without disconnecting the filter housing from its installation. This design provides an economical and reliable solution for all the critical components in an oxygen system.

Product Features

  • Operating Pressure to 6,000 PSIG
  • 10 Micron Sintered Bronze Replaceable Element
  • Many Porting Options Available
  • Flow Capacity: Cv -3.0
  • Safe, Reliable, Side-Seal Design

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50 Series Tee-Type Filters

Tee-type oxygen filters are used to remove contaminants from high-pressure oxygen systems by reducing contamination levels in order to protect critical components from particle-related damage.

Oxygen filters find use in a wide array of manufacturing purposes in a broad range of industries, including:

At Chase Filters and Components, we offer high-pressure oxygen filters with an economical and efficient design. Our tee-type filters are easy to manage while being ignition-resistant, providing customers with all the benefits of a high-quality filtration system.

High-Pressure Oxygen Filters

The CFC 50 Series is a tee-type filter suitable for high-pressure applications. The design of this filter allows users to easily remove and replace the 10-micron sintered bronze element without needing to disconnect the filter housing from its pipe fittings. Our high-pressure oxygen filters offer an economical and dependable solution for your critical oxygen system components.

Industrial Air Filter Product Features

At Chase Filters and Components, we strive to offer only the best products. That’s why our 50 Series tee-type filters come with a wide range of innovative features:

  • 10-micron sintered bronze replaceable element
  • Flow capacity of Cv -3.0
  • Operating pressure of up to 6,000 PSIG
  • Wide range of porting options available
  • Reliable, safe side-seal design

Oxygen Filter Ignition Resistance

Our oxygen filters have been expertly tested for quality and safety so you can use them with confidence even in the most demanding environments. We subjected our oxygen filters to the modified ASTM G-175 Phase 2 Promoted Ignition Test, which they passed at 5,000 PSIG oxygen. This evaluation is used to discover if an upstream ignition event will combust or burn out in the inlet filter. The ASTM G-175 test focuses mainly on the probability of ignition and the consequences of combustion.  Chase filters are fault-tolerant, ignition-resistant components that feature an innovative design that absorbs the impact of ignition results and shields downstream piping and critical components from damage.

At Chase Filters and Components, our high-pressure oxygen filters are made of the most durable materials. With a sturdy brass construction, our tee-type filters provide prime ignition resistance over other metals like aluminum and stainless steel.

Find High- and Low-Pressure Oxygen Filters at Chase Filters and Components

For a high-quality filter that’s durable and effective, choose our 50 Series tee-type design. At Chase Filters and Components, we offer the best high-pressure filters on the market. We’ve served a wide range of markets for over a decade, including aerospace, mining, military, high-pressure gas cutting and more. Our experienced design engineers are here to meet all of your filtration needs.

Take a look at our wide selection of products today to explore the full range, or fill out a contact form for more information on our filters.

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50 Series Brass Tee Filters

How to Order 50 Series Filters

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