Standard Felt Liquid Filter Bags

Standard Felt Filter Bags

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If you take on hydraulic, gas or oxygen applications in the workplace, you understand the importance of high-efficiency filtration. Felt liquid filter bags facilitate dependable liquid filtration with their high-performance contaminant removal capabilities. Designed for consistent performance in various critical industries, standard felt filter bags are ideal for all of your gas and oxygen purification needs.

At Chase Filters & Components, you can find standard felt liquid filter bags ideal for protecting components from damage with reliable 99%-efficiency filtration. It’s our goal to design, construct, test and manufacture the safest and most dependable filters in the industry.

Product Features

With our polyester felt bags, you can remove solid and gelatinous particles with micron ratings between 1 and 200 microns with optimal reliability. Weighing eight pounds in total, our durable bags have a broad chemical compatibility range and comprise a sewn or fully-welded construction. They also boast high-temperature ratings ranging from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

All of our felt liquid filter bags come with handles, custom sizing options and a choice of a plastic flange or steel ring, depending on your preferences. With a broad chemical compatibility range, high flow and low pressure drop, this depth-loading felt media is designed to minimize fiber migration.

Felt Bag Materials

Standard felt liquid filter bags from Chase Filters & Components are constructed of low-cost 100% synthetic polyester fibers with a silicone-free structure, including polyester, Teflon®, Nomex® and polypropylene. Our polyester and polypropylene felt bag materials adhere to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food contact regulations, according to CFR21, Section 177.1520.

The economic depth filter media comprises a combination of fiber weights, thicknesses and diameters. Our polypropylene bags have a glazed finish for maximum fiber migration reduction, while our Nomex® and polyester bags are singed for reduced fiber shedding.

Felt Bag Styles

Our products are available in many felt bag styles. When you purchase our steel-ring bags, there will be galvanized steel ring sewn into the top of the bag or a stainless steel ring option that you can select. The plastic flange-style bags are specifically designed with a flange adhered to the top of the bag. These flanges are supplied with sewn seam standards or fully-welded seams, depending on your needs.

Our fully-welded bags do not contain needle holes, preventing by-pass and therefore boosting efficiency. The absence of threads minimizes the risk of fiber-shedding.

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If you’re looking to maximize liquid filtration for your industrial applications, consider standard felt filter bags from Chase Filters & Components. We’re committed to providing an extensive variety of high-pressure filters to serve filtration needs across a wide customer base ranging from aerospace to military to power generation to chemical processing. All of our products reflect our high quality and safety standards, promoting optimal performance and reliability.

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