April 26, 2024

Aircraft Applications for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The harmful emissions released by diesel-powered aircraft are a rising concern. To combat this issue, hydrogen fuel has undergone testing to determine whether it’s a viable alternative to diesel for this use case — and the engineers performing these evaluations are seeing positive outcomes. These results show realistic areas where hydrogen fuel can be utilized in the aerospace industry while maintaining commercial profitability.

How Hydrogen Fuel Cells Power the Aircraft Engine

Hydrogen fuel cells provide hydrogen energy to airplane engines through an electrochemical reaction. The energy stored in the hydrogen molecules is converted into electricity, powering the aircraft. The only byproducts of this process are water, heat and electricity.

Collaboration Between the Automotive and Space Industries

To improve hydrogen technology for applications in aircraft and vehicles, the space industry and automotive sector have been testing hydrogen power for cleaner energy. This partnership highlights the value of hydrogen fuel cells in powering engines and electrical systems. The aerospace industry’s needs are more rigorous than those of vehicle producers, which is why testing is still ongoing.

For years, the aerospace industry has used hydrogen cells to power auxiliary electrical systems on aircraft. Manufacturers in this space are likely to use hydrogen power more frequently as further testing and collaborations continue.

Stacking Fuel Cells for Extra Power

Hydrogen fuel cells in aircraft need cell stacking power to work, as one fuel cell is too small for the extensive needs of an aircraft. Researchers are testing stacking the fuel cells to extract more power for hydrogen-fueled planes. In stacking, the small fuel cells are placed next to each other and electrically connected in a series, forming stacks. Researchers combine these stacks into various fuel cell channels that can be powerful enough to fuel an electric aircraft.

Chase Filters & Components Is Your Trusted Partner in Filters for Aircraft Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Chase Filters & Components Is Your Trusted Partner in Filters for Aircraft Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The value of hydrogen fuel cells in aircraft applications cannot be denied. As airplanes are powerful machines that need significant megawatts of power, they require multiple fuel cells per plane. Fortunately, hydrogen fuel cells provide a cleaner energy source than diesel, so the extra fuel required won’t impact the environment. However, you still need a quality filtering system to keep your engine and other parts clean.

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