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Knowing When to Change Your Hydraulic Fluid Filter

Fluid contamination is the most common cause of failure in hydraulic systems, and the chances of contamination or other problems increase if you don’t have an effective plan for checking and changing your hydraulic filters. The best approach is to be proactive and to make sure you understand what’s happening inside your system. What Happens…

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Guide to High-Pressure Filters

High-pressure filters are essential for your system. Without them, a component can quickly be become less effective or damaged due to obstructions and an otherwise contaminated environment. Different high-pressure filters serve different purposes, but there is a wide variety available from Chase Filters ensuring your filtration system will work as well as it possibly can….

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How Our Elements Work – Chase Elements

Chase Sintered Bronze Elements The patented Chase Filter sintered bronze elements are designed for Oxygen or any gaseous systems. The element design was engineered to specifically limit the occurrence of a fire event in the Oxygen system. One of the benefits is limiting any event that does happen to only the upstream side of the…

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