February 21, 2023

Filter Applications for the Fracking and Mining Industry

Filter Applications for the Fracking and Mining Industry

Access to uncontaminated oxygen is essential for anyone working in the oil and mining industries. If you are looking to increase overall production, reduce labor requirements, reduce energy consumption, improve overall product quality, and simplify processes, turn to the professionals at Chase Filters & Components. We offer various high-pressure oxygen filters for engine lubricant, hydraulic fluid, gas, air Oxygen and water applications.

Read on to discover how we helped a client in the fracking and mining industry ensure safe breathing operations with high-pressure oxygen filters.

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Problem: Protecting a Regulator as Part of a Mine Ventilation System

Mine regulators are essential components in mine ventilation systems. To ensure adequate ventilation of a mine, provisions must be made for suitable paths — air courses or airways — for the air to flow into appropriate routes down the mine to the work areas.

Solution: Providing Two Oxygen Filters to Protect Mine Regulators

Chase Filters & Components was able to assist a client in the fracking and mining industry by providing two oxygen filters to protect mine regulators

High-pressure oxygen filters are critical in protecting your company’s equipment. Our filters trap contaminants such as rubber, metal, dust, and other harmful particles from the compressed oxygen stream.

Our team was able to provide the following application for a client in the fracking and mining industry:

  • Fluid: Oxygen
  • Flow: 530 scfm
  • Operating pressure: 1000-2700
  • Maximum system pressure: 2700
  • Temperature: Ambient
  • Line size: ½ – NPT
  • Specific gravity/velocity: SG=1.16
  • Micron rating: 10-15 micron
  • O-ring material: Viton
  • Element media: Sintered bronze
  • Housing material: Brass
  • Oxygen filters: 1 and 2

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