57 Series High Pressure Compressed Gas Filters

57 series compressed filter.

Product Details

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Our 57CS Series is specially designed for high pressure compressed gas coalescing filtration. These housings are rated for 5,700 PSIG and manufactured to ASME B31.3 specifications. The UHPC–SL Series is machined of carbon steel and completely coated with nickel/chrome plating for rust protection.

The Flow Rates are based upon our 70CS grade disposable coalescing elements in SCFM @ 100 PSIG with an initial 2 PSID. The 57E-SL elements are rated at 95% removal against 0.01 microns.

Product Features

The 57E-SL series of spring-loaded elements are constructed with inner and outer stainless steel cages to provide higher differential ratings. We recommend using our CS grade (all glass fiber) coalescing spring loaded elements for continuous removal of liquids without the loss of efficiency in natural gas service.

Our standard 57-BN series is by far the most commonly used disposable filter with Microfiber element since it combines high efficiency filtration with low pressure drops in a compact package.

Our standard 57-BN series is by far the most commonly used disposable filter with Activated Carbon or Silica Gel.  DIA’s should be used only when small quantities of vapor are to be removed. Whether being used in an OEM cabinet, emission bench, or zero air applications this little gem is an economical workhorse.

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Air and Gas Filters

High-pressure gas filters are essential in effectively maintaining equipment and systems in any markets that use industrial gases.  Gas coalescing filters remove contaminants such as liquid aerosols and water from gas and air applications from markets such as chemical processing, extraction, CNG, Industrial automation and alternate fuels.

Chase Filter and Components has the high-pressure coalescing gas filters you need to ensure your systems are operating at their full potential.

High-Pressure Coalescing Gas Filter Functions

The coalescing gas filters in our whole 57 series are specifically designed to endure the high pressure of compressed gas while using coalescing filtration techniques, separating liquids from gasses while removing oils, water and other droplets from systems. With multiple materials available and pressures up to 15,000 psi, the 57 series has a 95% removal rate against 0.01 microns, you can be sure your high-pressure gas filter operates at the highest efficiency.

Features of Industrial Coalescing Gas Filters

Our filter elements are constructed with internal and external stainless steel cages. For continuous liquid removal, we recommend using our glass fiber CS-grade coalescing spring-loaded elements to prevent natural gas efficiency loss.  Due to its microfiber filter elements, our standard 57-BN series combines high filtration efficiency with low-pressure drops, making it the most popular disposable filter with microfiber elements. Microfiber filter elements also have long service life spans, high strength and no fiber shredding.

This high-pressure coalescing gas filter series also has activated carbon and silica gel. Activated carbon is extremely porous and has a large surface area, enabling the carbon filters to absorb more contaminants than regular carbon. Silica gel, on the other hand, absorbs moisture and removes dust particles. This direct intake air system should only be used to remove small quantities of vapor.

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For reliable Coalescing gas filters that get the job done, go to Chase Filters and Components. We offer a wide selection of high-pressure filters for air and gas for all your filtration needs. Our filters are versatile, corrosion-resistant and endure high temperatures and broad pressure ranges.  With great customer service and fast turnarounds, Chase Filters and Components provides customers with the best.

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