30 Series Brass In-line Filters: 6,000 PSI with a Cv of 1

30 series filters

Product Details

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CFC 30 Series is a true high pressure In-Line filter that’s installed within the piping footprint and is ideal for applications where space is at a premium. The 10 Micron Absolute replacement element is designed with the patented Chase fluted design for optimal performance at an affordable price.

Product Features

  • Operating Pressure to 6,000 PSIG
  • 10 Micron Absolute Sintered Element
  • Many Porting Options Available
  • Flow Capacity: Cv -1.0
  • Reliable, Side-Seal Design

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30 Series Brass In-Line Filters

Brass oxygen filters are used to reduce contaminant levels in order to protect pressure regulators and other critical components from damage. These in-line filters eliminate harmful particles such as rubber, metal, dirt, dust and rust. Without filtration, these impurities can impact the health of your oxygen systems, causing component failure.

With brass oxygen filters, you can maintain your system’s cleanliness and functionality, minimizing downtime and maintenance expenses. At Chase Filters and Components, we sell in-line filters that are durable, efficient and ignition-resistant resulting in the most effective oxygen filter. And with our highly efficient brass air filter element, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of our patented design.

Brass In-Line Filters

Our CFC 30 Series is a high-pressure in-line filter with a variety of design advantages. This brass oxygen filter is installed within the piping footprint, making it perfect for applications with limited available space.

Our components feature a 10-micron absolute replacement element with our patented fluted design, allowing for optimal performance at an affordable price. The innovative design of this brass air filter element allows for better pressure drop and increased surface area, locking in contaminants for the most effective filtration.

Brass Oxygen Filter Product Features

When you purchase brass filters at Chase Filters and Components, you receive all of the functional benefits that come with our progressive design.

Our in-line filter product features include the following:

  • 10-micron absolute sintered element
  • Flow capacity of Cv -1.0
  • Operating pressure of up to 6,000 PSIG
  • Wide array of available porting options
  • Reliable, side-seal design

Brass Filters are Ignition Resistance

Our brass filters meet the standards of the modified ASTM G-175 Phase 2 Promoted Ignition Test, which measures upstream ignition events and uses the results to determine the risk of combustion or burnout in the inlet filter, thereby evaluating the likelihood as well as the potential consequences of an ignition.

With passing grades on both the Oxygen Shock and Promoted Ignition Tests, Chase in-line filters are deemed ignition-resistant and fault-tolerant. Our brass oxygen filters are designed to absorb ignition outcomes and preserve downstream piping and critical system components.

We make our 30 Series filters using brass, a highly ignition-resistant metal with greater efficiency ratings than other materials. At Chase Filters and Components, we ensure our customers get the highest-quality filters on the market.

Purchase Brass In-Line Filters at Chase Filters and Components

If you’re looking for a brass in-line filter that exceeds expectations, choose Chase Filters and Components. We carry a wide selection of high-pressure filters for gas, oxygen and hydraulic applications. We also serve a variety of demanding industries, such as aerospace, aviation and the military. With over a decade of dedicated service and a skilled team of design engineers, you can trust us to provide you with the best products available.

Browse our selection of filtration products today to find the design that works best for your project. If you have any questions regarding our filters, fill out a contact form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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30 Series Brass Inline Filter

How to Order the 30 Series

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