April 29, 2024

Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells

Phosphoric acid fuel cells are highly efficient, and engineers are finding new ways to power stationary devices using this power source. With a potential efficiency level of 40% for electricity generation, keeping phosphoric acid fuel cells clean ensures they work optimally for the best output levels.

How Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells Work

Fuel cells consist of an electrolyte supported by two electrodes on each side. In phosphoric acid fuel cells, a phosphoric acid electrolyte sits between the electrons. The phosphoric electrolyte conducts protons for power. These protons are held inside a porous matrix for easier output and operate at a 200 degrees Celsius range.

Applications of Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells

The versatility of phosphoric acid fuel cells means many industries use this method for stationary power. Typically used for generating power between 100 kilowatt (kW) to 400kW, these fuel cells have diverse applications:

  • Grocery stores: Grocery stores use phosphoric acid fuel cells for industrial fridges and freezers, lighting and other modules.
  • The hospitality industry: Hotels power the equipment in their kitchens, pool pumps and entertainment areas.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals power non-critical devices in tandem with phosphoric acid fuel cells, including generators.
  • Office buildings and commerce: Office buildings use this fuel cell technology for stationary power like generators.
  • Transportation: The transportation industry is beginning to use phosphoric acid fuel cells as an adjacent power source in some large vehicles like buses.

Filters Used With Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells

As phosphoric acid fuel cells operate at high temperatures, filtering waste products and build-up is essential for immaculate output and clean components. Filtering your fuel cells aids in the optimal operation of your machines. You can use the following filters for your phosphoric acid fuel cells:

  • 21 Series: Water and foreign particles can damage hydraulic fluid, impacting its properties and your equipment’s performance. Our 21 Series Mini In-Line filters are a lightweight, economical solution. The filter detects rust, scale, dirt and more and removes these contaminants, keeping operations running.
  • HY 31 Series: Eliminate the loss of crucial fuel elements while you keep filters free from harmful contaminants and foreign debris. The HY31 Series In-Line filter efficiently cleans phosphoric acid fuel cells.
  • HY41 Series: Boost your industrial equipment and increase its longevity with our HY41 Series Mini In-Line filter. Available in various micron ratings and up to 7,500 psi, our 41 Series will help keep your components contaminant-free.
  • HY51 Series: Keep your industrial machines clean and working at their best. This high-pressure HY51 Series T-Type filter is available in 5,000 and 6,000 pounds per square inch (psi) for optimal filtering capacity.

Chase Filters & Components Is Your Trusted Partner in Clean Fuel Cells

Stationary power systems need optimal fuel cells for efficient output levels. We at Chase Filters & Components pride ourselves on developing powerfully engineered, future-forward, elastomer-free filters for your phosphoric acid fuel cells. Our high-pressure filters provide an efficient filtering solution for air, oxygen, gas, hydraulic fluid, engine lubricant, fuel and water. Call us today at 757-327-0036 for more information or visit us online, and a filter expert will get back to you promptly.

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