April 29, 2024

Alkaline Fuel Cells

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) used alkaline fuel cells during space missions, which paved the way for this advanced technology to power various other stationary and portable applications. Its low operating temperature and quick start-up make this fuel cell ideal as a backup power source and for mobile applications. For maximum output and longevity of your machines, keep your alkaline fuel cells clean and filtered as they work.

How Alkaline Fuel Cells Work

In fuel cells, an electrolyte, supported by two electrodes on each side, can generate power from various species. Rather than conducting protons, alkaline fuel cells use an alkaline electrolyte like potassium hydroxide to generate hydroxide ions as its charged species. Because it uses an alkaline electrolyte, it has a high-performance output.

Applications of Alkaline Fuel Cells

Alkaline fuel cells have a reputable history in the aeronautics industry due to their successful application in the Apollo missions conducted by NASA. Today, we see this fuel cell operating in various other sectors for portable power:

  • The space industry: Space and aeronautical applications can include portable power uses for testing and maintenance.
  • Transportation: Some lightweight vehicle applications use alkaline fuel cells due to their low environmental impact.
  • Portable power: Alkaline fuel cells can power portable devices and backup power in remote industrial areas and domestic applications.
  • Marine and boats: Along with other fuel sources, engineers use alkaline fuel cells to power boats and ferries.
  • Industrial: Portable power devices in industrial and manufacturing applications use alkaline fuel cells to support the smooth functioning of testing and operating systems.

Filters Used With Alkaline Fuel Cells

Because alkaline fuel cells pioneered fuel cell technology, their high output level requires robust cleaning and filtering systems. You can use several filters for these fuel cells:

  • 20 Series: Our CFC 20 Series In-Line filter is easily replaceable and adaptable, reducing lag time. Along with the compact design, you can customize the end fittings to protect your components effectively.
  • 21 Series: Keep your industrial equipment clean and increase its longevity with our 21 Series Mini In-Line filter. It removes contaminants from oxygen in fuel cells, resulting in an efficient system with a longer service life.
  • 25 Series: The fluted design of the 10 Micron element is ideal for holding dirt and is fully replaceable. The CFC 25 Series is a high-pressure filter that efficiently cleans oxygen for the alkaline fuel cells.
  • 30 Series: This 30 Series Brass In-Line filter has an Absolute element for added cleaning capacity. It can also efficiently clean oxygen for the alkaline fuel cells.
  • HY31 Series: Your industrial machines and manufacturing equipment require a comprehensive filtering system. The HY31 Series In-Line filter is engineered to deliver optimal results removing contaminates and keeping the alkaline fuel cells performing efficiently.
  • HY41 Series: Our HY41 Series Mini In-Line filter provides superior results. With filtration capabilities that remove rust, scale, dirt and more, the 41 Series can uphold fluid purity so you can focus on productivity.
  • 50 Series: The CFC 50 Series filter traps foreign particles and keeps the oxygen in the alkaline fuel cells clean. Ideal for use in oxygen systems, the Tee-Type design helps you remove the element easily without significant downtime.
  • HY51 Series: This high-pressure filter helps ensure your machines maintain their integrity while delivering optimal performance. Additionally, the HY51 Series T-Type filter design removes contaminates keeping your alkaline fuel cells clean while working at their best.

Choose Chase Filters & Components for Clean Alkaline Fuel Cells

Clean alkaline fuel cells are paramount for efficient power output and the smooth operation of your machines and devices. Chase Filters & Components has specialized in fuel cell filtration for over 30 years. We combine decades of knowledge with sophisticated engineering to provide efficient cleaning power with all our filters. We offer high-pressure filters for gas, air, oxygen, hydraulic fluid, engine lubricant, fuel and water. Contact us online for more information or call us at 757-327-0036 today.

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