April 29, 2024

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Almost all major industries seek cleaner energy use with superior productivity rates. Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are one of several energy conversion devices paving the way for alternative energy consumption. Fuel cells need a clean environment for maximum output and efficiency. A robust filtration system is one way you can ensure your machines work better for longer.

How Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Work

All fuel cells use fuel, which powers the cell and charging species. The fuel cell consists of an electrolyte and two adjacent electrodes. The charging elements that run through the electrolyte differentiate one liquid cell type from the other. In the case of solid oxide fuel cells, a thin layer of ceramic is used as a solid electrolyte and conducts oxide ions.

Applications of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Solid oxide fuel cells can operate up to 1,000 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for stationary power applications and as an additional power source for supporting devices in transportation. Engineers typically use SOFCs in the following areas:

  • Remote power generation: For remote locations and heavy devices off the grid, solid oxide fuel cells are reliable for powering areas where other electrical sources aren’t available in abundance.
  • Military: The military uses SOFCs as a viable source of power where they need power generators and alternative stationary power supplies.
  • Automotive industry: Solid oxide fuel cells provide heavy-duty trucks with an additional power source to support operating components.
  • Industrial sector: The industrial sector uses SOFCs for some stationary power applications as an auxiliary to other powered systems.
  • Domestic use: People can use solid oxide fuel cell devices as an alternate power supply to power their homes.

Filters Used With Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

The following filters can be used with solid oxide fuel cells:

  • 21 Series: Efficiently clean your hydraulic fluids by filtering water and other contaminants. Lightweight and cost-effective, this high-pressure filter keeps your system running smoothly and improves output levels. You can utilize our 21 Series Mini In-Line filter in various applications.
  • HY31 Series: The HY31 Series In-Line filter keeps fluids contaminant-free in warehouse and industrial settings. With various micron ratings, this filter suits the reforming reaction of solid oxide fuel cells.
  • HY41 Series: Get more from your industrial equipment and keep it working at its best. Our HY41 Series Mini In-Line filter effectively filters contaminants to increase machine longevity. With flows up to 1,500 SCFM and several micron ratings available, you get thorough filtering action for better performance.
  • HY51 Series: The HY51 Series T-Type filter is available in 5,000 and 6,000 psi (pounds per square inch) and supports the dynamic performance of SOFCs. Your filters are kept clean and debris-free thanks to this high-pressure filter.

Chase Filters & Components Is Your Solution to Clean Fuel Cells

The high-performance nature of solid oxide fuel cells demands high-performance cleaning and filtering. Your machines and components work best when free from contaminants and waste products. Chase Filters & Components produces high-pressure filters for engine lubricants, hydraulic fluids, water, fuel, gas, air and oxygen. Call us at 757-327-0036 or fill out our online form and one of our experts will contact you promptly.

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