14 Series Tank Filters: Internally Mounted

14 series fitlers

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All 14 Series models suitable for use with petroleum base oils, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, coolants and lubricants.

All Chase Series tank filters have a reverse taper on the outside wall of the end caps. The ensures a positive interlock with the epoxy inside, thus preventing bond failure in rough terrain vehicle applications.

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14 Series Tank Filters

From lubricants to fuel to oil, an adequate supply of clean fluids is the key to high-functioning industrial equipment. However, tiny particles can contaminate these essential fluids and impact the overall functionality and performance of your industrial machines. Luckily, you can protect your systems and the suction side of your pumps from contaminates with in-tank filters.

Some of the common contaminants that can attack your components and system are oxidation, silica sand, sludges, solids, metal fragments, fibers from wood, cardboard, paper, rags, and elastomer contaminates from o-rings and seals.

It is an established fact that particulate contamination and water in hydraulic fluids can have serious adverse effects on the fluids’ physical and chemical properties. The loss of crucial fluid properties, which are central to useful service life, can result in inefficient system performance and accelerated mechanical and chemical wear processes.  This of course leads to increased downtime and expense.

Chase Filters and Components is a leading filter manufacturer offering premium American-made filtration products. We sell the industry’s highest quality lubricant and petroleum filters to preserve your industrial equipment and keep your operations safe and efficient.

Hydraulic Fluid Filters

Our 14 Series tank filters ensure fluid cleanliness by blocking and removing harmful contaminants like dirt, scale, and more. This lubricant filter is compatible with petroleum-based oils, coolants, lubricants, and fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, so you can ensure the productivity of your industrial machinery no matter the fluid.

At Chase Filters and Components, all our tank filters, come with a reverse taper on the end caps’ outer wall which prevents bond failure when used in rough terrain vehicles by ensuring a positive interlock with the epoxy inside.

Our tank filters serve a wide array of industries, such as:

Lubricant Filter Product Options

The 14 Series hydraulic fluid filter comes in numerous configurations to support the oil filtration process:

  • 100 mesh, with optional 30, 60, and 200 mesh
  • 3/8-inch through 6-inch NPTF port sizes
  • 3 PSI (6-inch Hg) or 5 PSI (10-inch Hg) optional by-pass valve

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At Chase Filters and Components, we’ve provided customers with the best high-pressure oil, oxygen, water, and fuel filters in the business for over three decades. With high-quality products, fast turnaround, and excellent customer service, we strive to meet all of our customers’ filtration needs.

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