Oil Removal Filters

Oil Removal Filters

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Oil removal filters are designed to keep water and compressed air clean and free of liquid, oil and oil vapor that can harm system components. These filters are crucial for countless applications across major industries ranging from electronics, chemical processing, oil & gas, power generation, medical, CNG, industrial manufacturing and food processing.

You can protect essential equipment and maximize uptime with oil removal filter vessels from Chase Filters & Components. We’re known for our extensive selection of high-pressure stainless steel filters, complete with custom engineering options, fast turnaround and unbeatable customer service.

Product Features

Our Oil Removal Filters

If you’re looking to achieve oil-free water with impressive recovery efficiency rates, our oil removal filters are your solution. These high-performance filters feature next-level matrix technology designed to remove hydrocarbons from the water by permanently bonding to and immobilizing the compounds. These filters eliminate oil the moment it comes into contact with the filter.

Our oil removal filters are optimized to hold oil volumes up to four times their weight with initial pressure drops of less than 1 pound-force per square inch (psi). As a result, these dependable components produce sheen-free water concentrations containing less than 5 parts per million (ppm) of oil. The ending concentrations depend heavily on the emulsified oil and flow velocity levels and occasionally require pretreatment.

You can purchase our oil removal filters in cartridge and bag sizes, depending on your needs.

Oil Removal Filter Vessels

We offer complete oil removal filter vessels that remove hydrocarbons from water with optimal efficiency. Our vessels are available in basic cartridges sizes, including 20-inch, 30-inch and 40-inch configurations. Their flow rates range from 1 gallon per minute (GPM) to a maximum of 156 GPM.

Oil Removal Bag Filters

You can find standard bag filters for liquid bag filter vessels in various sizes and configurations at Chase Filters & Components. These solutions are ideal for existing bag filter vessels that require oil removal. If you don’t already have a filter vessel, we carry single-bag and multi-bag filter vessels that you can choose between based on your application needs.

We carry five oil removal bag filter trade sizes with maximum flow rates between 5 and 75 GPM.

Oil Removal Air Filters

Chase Filters & Components offers oil removal air filters for your oil mist elimination needs. These filters are excellent for generating a safer and healthier breathing environment — even in industrial settings that produce excessive oil mist, like machine shops.

Our oil removal air filters are proven to eliminate 99% of oil and over 85% of odors. You can purchase our air filter panels in any of our standard sizes.

Invest in High-Recovery Oil Removal Filters at Chase Filters & Components

If you need a reliable and efficient filter to facilitate oil removal from your industrial systems, oil removal filters from Chase Filters & Components are your solution. Our state-of-the-art filters protect components from contamination failure with 99% efficiency due to their high-performance capabilities, including corrosion resistance, broad pressure ranges and high temperature endurance.

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